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      •  uni-ball Signo 207
      •  uni-ball Signo Gel
      •  uni-ball Gel Impact
      •  uni PIN
      •  uni Correction Pen
       (Plastic Tip)

      •  uni Correction Pen
       (Rolling Ball Metal)

      •  uni Shalaku Hi-Tech
       Mechanical Pencil

      •  uni-ball Eye micro
      •  uni-ball Eye fine
      •  uni-ball Refills

Company Profile

The very spirit of Lupel Marketing Corporation is driven by the passion to achieve.

Over the last 75 years the company has successfully introduced and developed leading brands, both local and foreign, that have become long-standing products of choice among Filipinos.

Lupel Marketing was founded by Luis Puig Pellicer, a world-renowned prizefighter who reigned as a champion in Asia and Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, which began as a manufacturer and distributor of famous scents from Spain.

In the 1960s, stewardship was passed on to Luis Del Rio Pellicer. But, Lupel Marketing was never just about achievements. It is also about relationships nurtured by hands-on management, customer intimacy and humanitarian entrepreneurship.

A pioneer in the field of channels management, Lupel Marketing grew its presence to span all of the country's 13 regions. With the fire of achievement blazing, Luis II further diversified the company's product line by officially representing Mitsubishi Pencil Company of Japan in the early 1970s.

Through this alliance, Lupel Marketing became the exclusive manufacturer in part, and distributor of Uni Writing Instruments.

After three and a half decades, Uni Writing Instruments is a thriving business in the country through Lupel Marketing whose headship was turned over to Luis Pellicer III in 2002. Former Vice Chairman of the Young Executives' Business Club, the current Chief Executive Officer of Lupel Marketing is trained in new generation Japanese management systems. He continues to steer Uni Writing Instruments with the same values that Lupel Marketing has lived by in the last seven and a half decades -- values that also define Uni Writing Instruments as products made for the true achiever.

In the Philippines, the Uniball brand has made an indelible mark in the industry over the last 35 years, maintaining an ever-expanding customer base and efficient nationwide distribution

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